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Do you have the habit of healthy self-reflection?

Healthy self-reflection consists in performing intimate contemplation in order to develop mature and productive soliloquies, with a sincere willingness to self-healing personal ills, on the way to achieving greater personal balance and qualification of interassistance.

This practice can bring solution to doubts, difficulties, dilemmas, and personal impasses, resulting in relief, lightness, freedom, relaxation, and release, as it allows access to resolutive neo-angles for personal crises and discomforts 1.

How to start making productive soliloquies?

To establish the good habit of healthy self-reflection, start by allowing yourself a break from everyday chores. Take an appropriate time and place, without interruption, to remain immersed in this defined purpose, at the beginning for at least 1 hour, aiming to extend this period over time.

Start to circulate your energies, install the vibrational state, and exteriorize energies through all the chakras to establish, through your own will, an intimate state of greater pacification. Then, begin a focused reflection on certain selected point for analysis and personal recycling.


Which path to follow in self-reflections?


During the moment of evolutionary self-reflection, several reactions can be noticed in the physical, energetic, emotional, and mental body (holosoma). Keep focus on installing an holosomatic calmness pattern, predisposing to harvest the best fruits of the current experiment.


There are countless possibilities of lines of reasoning, and the decision on which path to follow is entirely up to the consciousness itself. Below, there are two examples of options for antipodes thosenic approaches to deal with the challenge of intraconsciential recycling:

1. Look for threats: in this self-centered thosenic pattern, the perspective of change can be seen through the lens of fear or anger, looking for possible threats, leading to emotional withdrawal or exasperation and the narrowness of mentalsomatic attributes. This posture tends to dificultate lucid reflections, as well as expressive interassistance contributions to the specific context examined.

2. Aim to be assistantially active: in this other thosenic bias, we can observe a rational, self-deintrusive and altruistic focus, leading to the expansion of mentalsomatic resources and the increase of energy. This proactive approach can generate deeper and broader comprehension of the analyzed context, and even enlightening and resolutive actions from this self-reflective practice.

The premise of start thinking about something positive, such as the best way to help consciousnesses in specific circunstances, allows new associations of ideas, and can assist to capture inspirations by extraphysical helpers 1.

Thereby, we can notice that self-reflections are optimized when the consciousness' intention is to leave its own bubble in order to adopt a hands-on attitude, in an interassistencial way, seeing beyond itself.

What can I add to the self-reflections?


Personal introspection chambers can be based on useful premises, converging to the ongoing intraconsciential recycling.

The contact with evolutionary new perspectives, such as those listed below, favors the expansion of personal worldview


1. Petrea clause. Which higher task has been assigned to you? Undoubtedly, this is the core of proexis exposed by the

petrea clause.

2. Donation. We have come to intraphysical life to receive several things in order to donate to others. We are just intermediaries. It is intelligent to see where we can better help the greatest number of consciousnesses.

3. Supports. If you devalue the benefits received in human life, you may be sitting in a bag of gold coins begging for small change. For proexis achievement, you will have to show what you came for.


What are the possible observed results?

Repeatedly programmed healthy self-reflective experiments, on different day and time, provide substrate for the recycling of various obsolete weaktraits and reinforce the consistent implementation of strongtraits in everyday life.

As a result, an increase in the level of intimate satisfaction can be experienced in the face of the implemented pro-evolutionary movements, as well as trying the serene contentment by the perception of active participation in multidimensional interassistances, both to intraphysical and extraphysical consciousnesses of the evolutionary group.

In practice, the intimate recycles resulted from the habit of successively healthy introspection can occur, basically, by two complementary ways, catalysing consciential evolution:


1. Direct remission: directly, by becoming aware, recognizing and facing niches of personal immaturity.


2. Indirect remission: indirectly, in which a progressive and gradual reduction of personal conflict is observed as multidimensional interassistances are routinely experienced, as it occurs on penta, the personal energetic task 1.

Author: Flávia Aouar Cerqueira, conscientiotherapist and volunteer at the International Organization of Conscientiotherapy (OIC).

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