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Parapsychic Dynamics

Parapsychic Dynamics are practical group activities, with the installation of a bioenergetic field, aiming for the lucid development of interassistantial parapsychism.

At the OIC, the complementarity of the dynamics to the conscientiotherapeutic process is observed, being able to deepen and expand aspects of the evolutient's self-conscientiotherapy.

These weekly activities are open to the public, without prerequisites.

There are 4 Parapsychic Dynamics carried out at the OIC Campus in Foz do Iguaçu / PR, which aim to contribute to the dynamization of the participant's self-conscientiotherapeutic process:

Parapsychic Dynamic of Intercomprehension: Conscientiotherapic Theorice.
Epicon: Francisco Carvalho.
Tuesdays, from 8 pm to 10 pm (GMT - 3 / BRA) 

Parapsychic Dynamic of Parambulatoriology

Epicon: Maximiliano Haymann.

Thursdays, from 8 pm to 10 pm  (GMT - 3 / BRA) 

Parapsychic Dynamic of Paraphysiological Self-organization
Epicon: Marco Almeida. 
Fridays, 8 pm to 10 pm (GMT - 3 / BRA) 

Parapsychic Dynamic of Projectiotherapeuticology

Epicon: Ivo Valente. 

Saturdays, 7.30 pm to 9.30 pm (GMT - 3 / BRA) 


  • For first-time participants, we indicate to arrive at least 30 minutes in advance to receive specific guidelines. 

  • Prepare yourself to spend 2 hours indoors and in the penumbra during the experiments.

  • Wear comfortable clothes, preferably in light shades. Bring warm clothing and/or a blanket, due to the low temperature.  

  • Avoid using perfumed products and high-heeled shoes.

  • The Dynamic team will provide separate sheets and pens for personal notes. If you prefer, bring your personal notepad.

  • Do not attend if you have flu or show symptoms of any other infectious disease.


  • Investment in 1 Parapsiquic Dynamic: R$ 30 (unit) – R$ 100 (1 month) – R$ 420 in up to 6 x (1 semester).

  • Investment in the 4 Parapsiquic Dynamics: R$ 120 (1 month) – R$ 495 in up to 6 x (1 semester).

These activities are in Portuguese.

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04_Autorganização Parafisiologica_ING_NOVO LOGO.PNG
05_Projecioterapeuticologia_ING_NOVO LOGO.PNG


OIC activities do not replace or eliminate potential medical or psychological needs. It is recommended, whenever necessary, to seek out qualified health professionals for the specific attendances, accredited by official boards. OIC does not indicate nominatively any specialist.

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