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Advanced Group in Conscientiotherapy


  • Do not attend if you have flu or show symptoms of any other infectious disease.


After several years of experience, the new format of the Advanced Group in Conscientiotherapy allows practical paratherapeutic deepening in different areas of consciential life, in 12 modules:

1) Basis of Conscientiotherapy.

2) Somatic Health.
3) Energosomatic Health.
4) Psychosomatic Health.
5) Mentalsomatic Health.
6) Sexosomatic Health.

7) Conscientiotherapeutic Balance 1.
8) Cosmoethics.
9) Health in Intraphysical Life.
10) Multidimensional Health.
11) Groupkarmic Health.
12) Conscientiotherapeutic Balance 2.

This monthly immersion over 1 year (12 modules) offers:

- Conscientiotherapeutic bioenergetic fields.
- Theoretical-practical experiences in Conscientiotherapy.
- Thematic deepening in group.
- Individual consultations every semester.

These activities are in Portuguese.

You can also send us an email for more information.

Advanced Group in Conscientiotherapy