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How to keep a healthy holothosene?

How do you evaluate the quality of your thoughts, feelings, and energies in daily life?

Holothosene is the neologism proposed by Conscientiology, defined by the set of thosenes - thoughts, sentiments, and energies - of a certain location, intraphysical or extraphysical, consciousness or object. It is the atmosphere of thosenes, or the thosenic environment itself. Characteristically, the holothosene accumulates the average of the thosenes issued.

The maintenance of a healthy personal holothosene is a prophylactic investment that a lucid conscin can make in the challenge of remaining connected to intermissive course during human life.

How to keep the holothosene healthy in times of crisis?

In moments of crisis with repercussions that are still unknown, it is common for many conscins and consciexes to issue thosenes loaded with fear, panic, creating a harmful and pathological atmosphere, which can be attractive to consciexes of the same energy pattern. It is important to remember that the disharmonious energies of resomated consreus predispose to pathological holothosenic pressure, which demands a greater volume of assistance.

In that worldwide context the responsibility of the intermissivist increases, especially in maintaining themself in the interassistance flow, keeping a renewer holothosene, seeking innovative alternatives to face the pathological holothosene. It is a challenge for the intermissivist to maintain a healthy personal holothosene, focused on interassistantiality based on their pro-helper materthosene.

What practical conducts can be adopted?

Here are, listed below, 5 practical conducts that can be experienced by the self-motivated conscin for the maintenance of the healthy holothosene:

  1. Interconsciential Atmosphere. Establishment of anti-conflictive interconsciential atmosphere, favourable to the achievement of interassistance objectives. The personal holothosene influences the group holothosene.

  2. VS (Vibrational State). Technique of maximum dynamization of energies, accessible to any motivated person, and that can be used to maintain the prophylaxis and favour the opening for creativity, improving the conscientiality of those who practice it 1.

  3. Interassistance. Keep yourself in an interassistantial posture, trying to be as available as possible for technical assistance, with a fraternal posture.

  4. Orthothosenity. The expansion of healthy thosenity is a condition for maintaining a wholesome holothosene. Everything changes for the better around you when you expand the orthothosenity 2.

  5. Renovation. Renovation is a basic law of evolution. Staying predisposed to consciential renewals is a prophylactic attitude to stagnation, encouraging access to neoideas.


What action can you implement in your day-to-day life to favour the maintenance of the healthy and pro-helper holothosene?


Authoress: Meire Vieira, conscientiotherapist and volunteer at the International Organization of Conscientiotherapy (OIC).


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