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How to use self-prescriptive logics?

Self-prescription is the inner determination to undertake actions, techniques, procedures and practical experiences to achieve self-cure of personal obstacles, difficulties, and disturbances.

We prosper evolutionarily as far as we succeed in elaborating self-prescriptions that can metaphorically speaking, turn the key, give the click, bring the insight, make the leap of the cat and, then, illuminate the exercise from a new perspective, not approached from that specific angle.

Human nature does not fail. Let us positively surround ourselves with good, realistic and feasible solutions to reverse immature tendencies that have already been mapped, using self-prescriptive logics.


To be effective, the self-prescriptions outlined must be attuned to the singularity of consciousness. It is a matter of reasoned self-deliberation in the face of personal tendencies to subterfuges, to hide, to deceive and to evade the self-diagnosis outlined.


What are the self-prescriptions based on?

Thoughts, feelings and energies are tangible and concrete tools at the disposal of the free will of the consciousness. Healthy thosenes satisfy the hungry consciousness thirsting for evolution.

The consistency of cosmoethical efforts allows the just application of self-orthoabsolutism, of self-unforgiveness, of the search for accuracy and the realization of continuous self-corrections.

Evolution inevitably requires action. "Every neoverpon needs to bear fruit. If it remains only as eccentricity it is merely a foiled idea" 1.


Are there different types of self-prescriptions?

Self-prescriptions can be approached in various categories, preferably used together: proposal of new evolutionary behaviour, cessation of unproductive attitude, the exercise of healthy affective tonality, self-detoxifying bioenergetic experiences, among others.

The positive effects reaped from self-prescriptions are observed, for example, in the establishment and reinforcement of self-deintrusive neosynapses, capable of placing us in a continuous pro-evolutive movement.

What aspects to pay attention to drawing up self-prescriptions?

Self-prescription is fundamentally born from self-decision. It is a mature resolution, cultivated with maximum criteria and discernment. The moment of the evolutionary turning point begins in the tho of the thosene.

The ideational package of neodecisions will base therapeutic actions chosen by the consciousness themself and, preferably, should be:

  1. Loaded with personal meaning, that is, based on unique facts and parafacts that justify for oneself the commitment to change. The understanding of the scope of the idea should resonate within oneself.

  2. It must be detailed in the smallest mental conducts and minimum daily actions, and not in empty generic statements.

What examples of self-prescriptions can we be inspired?

For the sake of clarification, here follows a proposal of 30 items that may compose the personal evolutionary prescription, followed by practical examples. These work as conduct slogans prescribed by one’s own consciousness to face the evolutionary challenges of the moment.

  1. Do not waste the evolutionary chances of this human life. E.g.: identify and create opportunities to contribute to an assistantial project aligned with personal evolutionary objectives.

  2. To value and act coherently and consistently to existential contributions. E.g.: take on and sustain interassistance commitments with the evolutionary group.

  3. Eliminate self-leniency. E.g.: to cut brandishing before self-corruptions already identified.

  4. Nullify the megaweaktrait. E.g.: going straight to the neuralgic point of the intraconsciential recycling pressing.

  5. Eliminating one's own evil by its root. E.g.: "bite your tongue" when you find yourself thinking badly of someone, cutting the anticosmoethical refluxes.

  6. Being a fireman for one's own emotional fires. E.g.: extinguish the first signs of fear, anger, sadness, contempt and/or aversion, using parascientific rationality.

  7. To act as a technical helper of oneself. E.g.: to reason about evolutionary solutions and not to sink in problems.

  8. Exercising self-respect and balanced self-love. E.g.: not to allow oneself to self-sabotage before the level of evolutivity already reached.

  9. Honour the lucidity conquered. E.g.: produce more intellectually, distributing seeds of healthy self-reflection.

  10. To glimpse neoevolutionary levels. E.g.: motivate oneself to reach increasing levels of self-deintrudability.

  11. To place oneself daily on the evolutionary axis. E.g.: check the priority of each action undertaken daily, validating or discarding it, according to the compass of self-discernment.

  12. Being on the main road of personal growth. E.g.: remain aligned with the objective of the priority self-remissions already listed.

  13. To tackle the nosographic tendencies head-on. E.g.: exercising the elimination action of the weaktrait.

  14. To assume new homeostatic patterns. E.g.: establish the personal self-lucid holothosenic oasis.

  15. To act shoulder to shoulder with the helpers. E.g.: do justice to the paraassisted inspirations in Penta.

  16. To progress in the rewarding self-efforts. E.g.: to exercise the performance as a lucid minipiece within the universal evolutionary mechanism.

  17. To divest oneself of apriorismosis and its coarcting effects. E.g., to let go of already identified antidiscernment ideational fossilizations.

  18. Eliminating anti-productive stubbornnesses. E.g.: cut out caprices, schisms, tantrums and egocentric impulses.

  19. Eliminating anticosmoethical accumulations of any kind. E.g.: avoid creating groupkarmic interprisons and commit oneself to clean up the existing ones.

  20. Surround yourself with good ideas. E.g., carefully select books, videos and other sources of information to nourish the mentalsoma.

  21. Cultivate good company. E.g.: carry out productive exchanges of knowledge, affection and energy with colleagues and evolutionary friends.

  22. Give yourself to others without asking anything in return. E.g.: help, support, assist and contribute where is possible and pertinent.

  23. Experience more and speak less (verbaction). E.g.: advance gradually and steadily in the subsequent stages, without boasting about changes.

  24. Take responsibility for the self-example inherent to the evolutionary movement of all. E.g.: understand that the self-choices, no matter how simple they may appear to be, inevitably have an impact on other consciousnesses.

  25. Not to give up when facing mistakes and difficulties. E.g.: evaluate the mistakes made and reinvest in self-orthodeterminations.

  26. To be the drop of clean water in a polluted sea. E.g.: keep the focus on the intimate responsibility of the untransferable recin.

  27. Expand the mind for neoperspectives. E.g.: visualize creative resolutions that favour the exponential evolutionary growth of the consciousnesses.

  28. Do not sleep at the evolutionary point. E.g.: rely on the self-efforts undertaken day by day.

  29. Savour the positive changes. E.g.: congratulate yourself internally for the results achieved, without being cabotage.

  30. To constitute oneself daily, like an unfinished work. E.g.: continue in the self-cure megafocus today, here, now, already.

The self-prescriptions begin in ideative formulations in tune with the desired self-improvement, which is why the importance of reminder-phrases of more mature portions of personal manifestation, to aid in the concretization of evolutionary changes.

Proevolutive slogans such as these can be part of daily personal life, in the form of opportune signs to stimulate intraconsciential recycling, being duly adapted to one's own reality.

Those items which affect personal pride work well, promoting the necessary shaking up of the inertia of a determined point, and are the correct evolutionary investment.

And you, have you drawn up your self-prescriptions? How logical are your own determinations?

Authoress: Flávia Aouar, conscientiotherapist and volunteer at the International Organization for Conscientiotherapy (OIC).

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