Free Online Lectures

Free Online Lectures are informative activities in the research universe of Conscientiotherapy.

Lectures in English take place monthly, on Saturdays, from 11:00 a.m. to 12:00 p.m. (GMT-3 / BRA).

You can follow the live transmission on the OIC's YouTube channel  (youtube/consciencioterapia), which is also available for later access. There you will find Free Online Lectures in English as well.

The next lecture will be on February, 6th, 2021. Dates and themes can be accessed in the Schedule.

Also, follow below the topics discussed in previous Free Online Lectures. Among them, you can find those specific lectures in English:

How to Overcome Guilt.

Principles of Conscientiotherapy.

Emotional Homeostasis.

Intraconsciential Recycling and Self-conscientiotherapy.

Self-cure and Self-conscientiotherapy.

Consciential Authenticity.

Holosomatic Balance.

Paradigm Conflict Syndrome.

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Follow the topics discussed in previous Free Online Lectures:

OIC activities do not replace or eliminate potential medical or psychological needs. It is recommended, whenever necessary, to seek out qualified health professionals for the specific attendances, accredited by official boards. OIC does not indicate nominatively any specialist.

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